Welcome to Westward Ho!


Introduction to... 

       Named after Charles Kingsley’s novel, Westward Ho! is a British seaside resort that has traits of the traditional mixed with a new wave of surf trend. The modernising surf vibe is refreshing whilst the old, multi-coloured and funnily named beach huts give it a traditional root in the past. The beach is roughly 2.5 km long and on a misty autumn day the shimmering beach of brown and grey merges with the sky and gives it a Turner like picturesque. Dots of people can be seen with dogs that run freely up and down the beach between the sea, and a huge pebble ridge, which on a low tide is a great flat expanse, that is almost too much for the eyes to cope with all at once.

       There is a real family theme here with kids playing on the green. There are restaurants, shops and buskers who play to the crowds. Accommodation can be hard to come by and booking in advance is necessary, since its popularity has risen due to more people holidaying in the UK, instead of travelling abroad. There is surfing all along the beach and particularly windsurfing and kitesurfing, which a lot of people come here for, especially when the conditions are right. There is some of the tackiness that comes with the British seaside experience but there is also culture and dynamic scenery that includes: beach, cliffs, salt march, spit, rocky foreshore and sand dunes. 



      There are many things to do and see here so a good place to start, so that you can take it all in, is the costal walk that stretches all the way to Clovelly (currently the UK’s 3rd most trending destination for its originality), which is 11 miles away. This walk starts with a famous poem by Rudyard Kipling that’s set into the promenade which leads to a (confirmed!) ghost house and continues with views that cover the countryside and the expanse of sea including Lundy Island (Lundy Island can be visited from nearby Illfracombe.) 

       The beach and sea pool are good all year round and even more so now cold-water swimming has been discovered to be so good for health and wellbeing. Kite surfing is excellent here and there are specialist shops who are friendly and cater to all levels, this goes for the local surf schools too. In the summer months there are hip catering vans that pull up to serve fresh food on the green and some fine dining options too. There are plenty of bars, shops and a golf course too which boasts to be the UKs oldest course.

        There are also your usual staples of pitch and putt, arcades and local award-winning ice-creams all essentials to any British seaside experience.       




Eating and Drinking... 

           Moran’s is a very popular restaurant that serves Thai food daily, there are no under 14’s allowed after 6pm. Meals cost between £6 - £26.

           With great views, based at the start of the coastal walk, is M’ Rock N’ Bowl and is most popular with customers who visit. Traditional Moroccan food and interior meets stunning sea views at this moderately priced venue with a separate cocktail bar.     

           If coffee and a catch up by the beach is what you’re here for then Cabana has all you need serving great coffee with a friendly and efficient service. 


Where to Stay... 

       Pebbles Horizon is a high-end luxury apartment development, in a great location right on the sea cliff, booking for here, like a lot of Westward Ho!, may need to be booked well in advance as the demand for accommodation has soared since the end of lockdown. 

       There are more affordable options available in the form of holiday parks and privately rented holiday homes. Here are some options: Golden Bay Holiday Village is family run and offers self-catering holiday homes that are as close to the sea as you can get. 

        Braddicks Holiday Centre sits upon the cliff and is also a large self-catering site that offers luxury caravans and villas. Braddicks puts on daily entertainment shows during the school holidays and there is good dining at the Pier House which is nearby. 

        There is also Puttsborough, Westward Ho! beach houses that offers quietness at night and are positioned in the pebble ridge development by the Royal North Devon Golf course.     


Where to Shop and What For... 

      This being a surfing, windsurfing and Kitesurfing hotspot there are specialist shops that cater for all these activities. One that stood out for being friendly and professional is the Kitemare Surf and Kite shop that is a treasure trove of water sports equipment, that sits on the village green.  

       If you would like to fish, there is Summerlands Tackle which is reputed to be Devon’s best fishing tackle shop. This shop offers everything you may need for sea, course and fly fishing.  

       There are also local amenity’s such as mini-supermarkets, hardware store and pharmacy. 




What Else is in the Area...?  

          There is a secret surf spot somewhere along the coastal path that has an exceptional wave which in the right conditions breaks perfectly on the reef, or so I have heard. The discovery of which is there for those who seek for it, maybe see you there.   


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